Metz hack: waffle sundae

By: Jolie Winemiller, Staff Writer

Inside the Mund Dining Hall, students think of new and creative recipes that are not featured on Metz’s menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Students, faculty and staff of the College are coming up with “Metz Hacks,” an alternative meal to Metz’s every day dining menu. This week, the Metz Hack is a dessert that can be made every day with the food available in the dining hall.

This dessert is a waffle and ice cream sundae. First, you need to make a waffle at the toast and waffle station. Then, pick your favorite ice cream from the ice cream freezer to place on top of the warm waffle. Top it off with your favorite topping: rainbow or chocolate sprinkles, cereal, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, bananas or whipped cream.

“It tastes just like ice cream in a waffle cone,” Corine Mendenhall, a senior chemistry and secondary education major, said.

Every student can use this hack for a delicious dessert. If you don’t like vanilla ice cream, you can put your own twist on it and pick a different flavor that suits your tastebuds.

“I would try [this hack] with mint chocolate chip ice cream,” Alex Lehman, a senior ACS chemistry major, said. “Even with the vanilla ice cream, it’s really good.”

This recipe can be made any time you’re looking for a tasty treat in Mund dining hall. If you know of a Metz Hack we should try, contact La Vie Collegienne at or share #MetzHack on social media.