Music in the making

By: Taylor Kleeschulte ’18, Staff Writer

For two Lebanon Valley College student-athletes, music plays a huge role in their lives on top of pursuing their college degrees.  

 Samantha Machin, a junior early childhood education major, and Tyler Skye, a senior audio and music production major, have been performing together for months at various LVC events. 

Together, Skye and Machin make the perfect duo and have performed at ValleyFest, VALE music events and MJ’s Coffeehouse.  

 Although the duo has only performed at the coffeehouse once, they really enjoyed it and hope that more people come out and enjoy it the next time they perform there.  

 “It’s a great and relaxed place to just make music,” Machin said.  

 Both Skye and Machin value the support that LVC and the student body gives to each of them for their musical talents.  

 “It’s good to get back out there in the community performing with other students here at LVC,” Skye said.  

 Because Machin’s major is not music related, it would have been very easy for her to put her passion on the back burner but instead, she uses LVC’s musical platform as a way to improve.  

 “It’s impacted me because I’ve been able to grow musically by performing in front of more people,” Machin said.  

 Machin grew the confidence to pursue her singing at the age of 13. She loves working with other band members and bouncing ideas off one other.  

 “I find it very fun to just jam and have a good time with others,” Machin said.  

 Skye began pursuing music at the age of 13 because of the musical program within his middle school. Skye finds his passion in playing guitar and producing. 

 “My favorite part about performing is being able to have fun and enjoy the music I work with,” Skye said.  

 Machin and Skye look forward to their next performance together.